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Khateeb-E-Akbar Moulana Mirza Mohd. Athar Library (Central Library)

            In keeping with the vision and mission of the Shia P.G. College Lucknow, the Central Library was established in 1972* to promote learning and literacy through an effective dissemination of knowledge and information. The Central Library of Shia P.G. College has been named as Khateeb-E-Akbar Moulana Mirza Mohd Athar Library and it is governed by LAC (Library Advisory Committee). The LAC is an apex policy making body which functions under the chairmanship of Principal/Manager. The library acts as a learning resource center of the college to supplement education and caters to the information needs of the faculty and students. The Library has played a very vital role in generation, preservation and communication of knowledge for education of the students enrolled in the college. It provides information services and facilities to meet the requirement of the teaching, training and other academic programmes. The seating capacity of the library is more than 150 users at a time. The library services are also open to the college staff and visitors.

       In today’s scenario, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have been developing at a rapid pace. This fast growth of ICT has had a great impact on the functioning of libraries all over the world. The Central Library has been adapting new technologies strategically for providing web-based information services to the library users. The Library is also a member of N-LIST' National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content of INFLIBNET (Information and Library Network,Gandhinagar.



           The Library has been functioning in its two floors with two big and four small halls in which one big hall is used as the reading hall to get the students seated while the other hall is used to systematically store the vast collection of text books that the library possesses. The other three small halls are used for circulation section, technical section, cyber section, and as the library office. Another hall is being used for text book collection at the first floor of the central library building which is the central place of the college.


Opening Hours

        The Library remains open on each working day from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM for its readers. The process of issue and deposition of books is done from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.


Sections of the Library

  • Acquisition Section: This section is responsible for acquisition of all the books, monographs, government documents, gifts and other reading material relevant to the requirements of teaching and research programs of the university. The section helps the faculty members in selecting new documents for procurement in the library after scanning the latest announcements, publishers’ catalogues and bibliographies.

  • Technical Section: After acquisition of the documents, the technical processing work i.e. classification and cataloguing for easy retrieval of the documents is done by technical section. The classification of documents is carried out by using DDC 23rd edition.

  • Acquisition Section: After technical work of the documents, the concerned documents are placed in this section in appropriate arrangement to enable cataloguing for easy retrieval.

  • Circulation section: This section provides membership to the students, faculty and other staff of the University. The books are issued to the Library users according to their privileges on all the working days.

  • Periodical section: In this section, new periodical publications, newspapers, and magazines have recently been added. The section has a seating capacity of 20 students at a time where they have offline access to college publication, magazines, and newspapers, etc.

  • Cyber Section: The strength of the section is 10 computers with the facility of access to the high speed of Internet. The Library has LAN enabled access to the internet where the users can find access to a great variety of e-resources.

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